To all recruiters,

Consider this, the job search is difficult.

Job Seeking, Interview Process

Be more attentive to the people who are trying.

Candidates provide so many details in the resume and interview process, just for you to never respond EVER!

This causes immense mental instability and mental exhaustion

Imagine if at the end of an awful day or the worst day ever you were greeted with silence?

Even worse is that you don’t respond nicely and attentively via email which raises frustration for job seekers.

The job search period is already mentally draining and frustrating, ghosting applicants after interviews and test process’, not ever getting an email back makes the process even more frustrating.

Candidates might end up taking a break from applying for a day or two.

Anyways, good luck with your hiring process — hope it goes well.



Iqra Anwar

BSCS graduate from BBSUL Karachi, Pakistan. Writer at Omdena Pakistan Chapter | I write articles on Computer Science | Blogs on Travel, Fashion, and more.