Why do we need preprocessing?

Real-world data we get is never clean, raw data has dummy/duplicate data; it needs to be properly cleaned so that the model understands the data and does not get confused when doing predictions. Preprocessing allows us to purify raw data with the use of data cleaning, it is said that “the more the data is cleaned the more useful insights we get”. For the sake of not disturbing Machine Learning’s model’s accuracy, we have to first do data preprocessing.

Machine Learning and Data

For ML data is a pattern, ML understands patterns from the dataset…

Prerequisites for Learning ML in a month

  1. Python 3
  2. High School mathematics
  3. 16hrs+/week (2 to 2.5 hour/day)

# Note: A junior-level expert in ML requires 1 thousand hours (1000) of practice. Daily 3 hours of practice is enough for three months.

Machine Learning a subset of Artificial Intelligence

Artificial Intelligence (Machine Learning)

Artificial Intelligence and its algorithms are beating humans in many ways. i.e. Chess game, Better medical diagnosis, Intelligent assistance, Tesla (self-driving car), and many more. So here a question arises, what Artificial Intelligence is?

Artificial Intelligence is a huge set of tools that make machines/computers behave intelligently.

And what is Machine Learning in Artificial Intelligence?

Machine learning is a powerful subset of Artificial Intelligence. Defining ML…


BSCS graduate from BBSUL Karachi, interested in the field of Artificial Intelligence and eagerly willing to explore the field of AI and DS.

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